Julien Kasper
Trance Groove

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Julien and his band have just released their third album, Trance Groove,, which showcases Julien’s strongest playing and writing to date. The textures, grooves, and sounds are rooted in blues/rock and funk while interplay of the musicians, vivid harmony, chromatic sensibility, and intertwining themes reveal high level jazz players displaying a rare marriage of virtuosity and musicality. The album features a guest appearance by Hammond B3 organist T Lavitz (of the Dixie Dregs, Widespread Panic, and Jazz is Dead).

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The Julien Kasper Band - Trance Groove

Julien Kasper at the BluesCafe in Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Julien at the BluesCafe, Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Julien Kasper Band: The New Imperial